All-in-one solution

By Adam Scott Posted March 1, 2020
Adam Scott
All-in-one solution
Any business owner will be interested in software that makes their specific industry easier to work through. We have programs for stock control, programs for payroll, programs for ordering; and all of them are different. It is not unusual for a small or medium sized business owner to have more than a dozen apps to handle, all of which are responsible for a different facet of their business.
What if we told you that you can correlate all of the different software processes you use into one, easy-to-access, complete tailored-to-you, system? You would have no need of all those different accounts and programs… The days of fumbling for a particular password would be long gone. Here at Findjoo we offer tailored all-in-one business solutions that meet your software requirements and leave you with nothing but your business to worry about!
Multiple Functions with One Tailored Solution
Our business solution will be customized to suit your needs; but we do have a full list of features that you can choose from . Some of our organizational programs feature:
  • Member Management – which includes specific member features, access and discounts.
  • Donor Management – so you can keep track of who are who, as well as trying to raise new donors
  • Email integration – with our unique business solution you can create email blasts and mailing lists in only a few short steps.
  • Member Portal – we will even provide a specialised section where members can access services. Member directories are also available
  • Events, Courses & Space rentals – any service you offer your members can be managed and track from our system
  • Merchandising – create and sell merchandise through one central management system.
  • Website hosting and integration - we can create a tailored made site for you or use your current site
As well as these features (and others) our system synchs easily with the likes of QuickBooks and your Google calendar to make the user experience more seamless, all round .
The Benefits of the Findjoo All-in-one Business Solution
There are so many benefits to having your business processes running through the same system that you will hardly believe it. Integrating all of your platforms into one system saves you literal hours of time in your working day. This results in boosted productivity and higher profit margins, since you will be spending more time actually running the business, and less time trying to track down both information and paperwork.
With All-in-one solutions your data, your consumers, and your members, are all in a single place. Not only does this reduce time but it also helps improve the consumer experience. When one system oversees all there is much less chance for communication errors. This will lead to a simpler transaction process and a better experience overall. Further, you will have a single access point which each staff member can work from, giving you the freedom of Cloud systems without having to engage in the process of registering multiple connections or programs.
All-in-one offers seamless integration with the ability to store everything in one place. Users can access data simultaneously, which can speed up your production process. All-in-one provides valuable feedback and consumer information as an added bonus.