The Benefits of Email Tracking

By Adam Scott Posted July 14, 2019
Adam Scott
If used correctly, email can be one of the most effective ways of staying in contact with your members and clients. With people spending more time online than ever, you have a greater chance that they will see your message. We’ll be discussing how you can use our service to improve your email tracking and the benefits that effectively tracking emails can provide.
Let’s start by looking at some of the ways our service can ensure that your emails get read. It can be frustrating to put time and effort into crafting a great email, just to find the recipient didn’t read it. Email tracking let’s you know which people viewed the email and which ones have yet to read it. This can allow you to send out a follow-up email, in case it was lost in their inbox or they accidentally deleted the email. In addition, you can gather data about who clicked on what email, which you can use to make your advertising more effective. You can see which areas the audience is interested so you can make your messages more appealing. For example, you might decide to make the subject line about a discount or special offer, as this will attract the audience’s attention.
Finally, our service can help you track any bounced emails, which can help you find potential problems in your system. For example, if an email bounces back you might notice that it’s because the email address is incorrect. You can then get in touch with the intended recipient and ask them to confirm their details. However, there is more to a successful email campaign than just making sure that people read the emails. All this information is available from the Email Tracking and Communication sections of the Communications page.
Often when you send out an email, you want to recipient to complete a specific action. For example, you might want them to click on a link to complete an online survey or purchase a product. We can help you collate reports to measure how successful the campaign was. This may also help you spot and correct problems with the emails. For example, if many people are clicking on the right link but very few are engaging with the content you might want to check that the link you sent is correct. In addition, people are more likely to interact with a well-designed email, as everything is laid out effectively. Also, if they like the way the emails are presented then they will be more likely to open them more regularly. For this reason, our service can help you create more attractive emails, quickly. All you have to do is click and drag content onto our pre-designed templates and view the click report from our Reporting page.
Emails are one of the best ways to communicate quickly with a large group of people. They are offer a low-cost way to get your message to your audience. We discussed how email tracking can improve the number of people reading your emails. We also looked at some ways you can make sure that your campaign is more successful. So, start implementing email tracking in your digital campaigns today.