IT Trends

By Adam Scott Posted November 6, 2021
Adam Scott
IT Trends
Today, technology is moving rapidly. New advancements are constantly being made. There are a few ways that this is being used to improve the customer experience.
A More Personalized Experience
Technology is increasingly being used to present a more personalized experience to customers. This allows you to get to know them in more detail. For example, you can create customizable forms for your members to fill out. You can then use this information to make a better experience for them. As an example, you can give them several communication options, letting them choose the channel that is most convenient for them. You’ll also be able to tweak this approach. For example, you can view the email open rate to learn the best time of the day to send messages.
The Rise of Artificial Intelligence
Artificial intelligence continues to be an important force across all industries. There are plenty of ways that it can impact the way that you approach membership management. For example, you could use it to create a chatbot. This will allow you to more quickly respond to messages. Alternatively, you can use it to help you analyze member’s data. This can give you valuable insights. By doing this, you’ll be able to learn more about your members and what they want. This is set to be a long-term trend. In 2020 alone, it’s estimated that businesses spent around $50 billion on artificial intelligence.
More Online Interactions
Increasingly, people are spending more time interacting with organizations online. As a result, the expectations around company websites are getting higher. It’s estimated that people make a judgment about your site in just seven seconds. As a result, companies are spending more money on their websites, making sure that they are optimized to suit the user.
It also means that membership sites will need to make sure that the experience of using them is as seamless as possible. If you have content that only members can access make sure that the process of logging in is easy. Setting up your account should be simple. Ideally, it should only take a few minutes.
Sharing Feedback is Easy
Today, customers can report on all aspects of their experience. All they need to do is log into social media to make sure that their voice is heard. This can both harm and help a business. As a result, organizations need to be more in tune with what their users expect and make sure that they are delivering on these expectations.
Focus on Ease of Use
Today, you will be able to generate a wealth of information about your members. As a result, there will likely be a greater focus on sorting through this data. This will allow you to put these insights to use. There is a range of tools that we offer to help you do this. For example, you can look at 30-day trends via our dashboard. You’ll also be able to divide your members into subsets.
Various emerging IT trends are likely to have a profound impact on membership management. Because of that, we are consistently upgrading our site, to make sure that you have the latest tools at your disposal. So, check out some of the newest upgrades we have made to our system.