Your Own Member Directory

By Adam Scott Posted May 22, 2020
Adam Scott
Your Own Member Directory
Member Directory
Of all the services Findjoo offers to its members for high-quality online business management, our features for managing memberships are at the center of what we do. Along with detailed member profiles, options for multi-tiered membership levels, a portal for members to access their accounts, and advanced categorization and research tools, we also offer a membership directory service.
Our Membership Management Services
You can use our simple user interface to view detailed information about each of your members and find any member or specific transaction with our high-quality research and filtering tools. We also include membership status reports with this service, so you can track your membership statistics, transactions, and the status of members’ subscriptions. You can read about these reports on our blog, here.
What Our Membership Directory Includes
Your membership directory is highly customizable, so you can access the member information you need at any time with ease. You can choose to embed the directory into your own business website for public access and integrated membership functionality. Alternatively, you can generate a personalized membership directory for private use only. You can also choose to embed your directory into your member portal for your business. This can function is perfect tandem with our membership portal services, which are highly customizable and incredibly easy to use in order to ensure your members have access to all the information they need. For more information about the benefits and uses of our membership portal services, you can check out this blog post on our website.
How You Can Customize Your Membership Directory
The membership directory is also highly customizable so you can design the most functional service for your own specific company needs. To manage your members effectively, you can use any number of simple filters to automatically screen through your listed members using the key words you enter. You can include any columns you need in our database, as well as configure the layout of your directory to best suit your preferences and requirements.
Other Benefits
Another invaluable element of your membership directory is the fact that it is displayed in real-time. This means that whenever you, your business partners, clients, of members visit the directory, they will be able to access an up-to-date catalog of who is currently a member or not.
Creating a membership directory – whether for public access or not – can save anyone searching for your member information valuable time and effort in discovering your business and the members you have curated.
Offering a directory has the additional benefit of legitimizing your organization as an instrument for showcasing your membership rates and any impressive individual members who will help advertise and promote your company. Through this feature, you can effectively boost your company outreach and increase the channels of access and availability for visitors to find your business and your members. Having a public member directory is also a part of creating a strong online presence for your company, which you can read more about here.