New Financial Reports

By Adam Scott Posted January 12, 2020
Adam Scott
New Financial Reports
For managing any kind of business, it is incredibly important to be on top of all elements of your finances at any given time. This can be overwhelming for any size organization if you don’t have the proper tools to manage it efficiently and effectively. Included with the rest of your Findjoo business membership management services, you can now receive our regular reports for a comprehensive view of your financial situation.
What Do the Reports Include
In addition to our existing Sales Reports, these new reports are fully inclusive for a quick, simple look into amount owed from reporting and more. With just a few clicks, you can easily access a complete view of your company finances. Our sales reports are available for integrated operating through QuickBooks, where you can create various reports on sales or revenue earned and keep track of your customers, inventory, and sales. You can read about the fully integrated services we offer in partnership with QuickBooks here, in our blog post on synchronization with this high-quality accounting platform. You can also read more into the insights and business accounting solutions they offer at their website. Both financial and management reporting is vital to any business owner – check out this article from GrowthForce for more information and this glossary entry from CCH Tagetik . These new reports allow a better understanding of your members and updates on your overall accounting information, allowing you to focus on running your business to the best of your abilities without getting tangled up in trying to manage your finances manually.
Report: Account Dues
Your report includes a summary of any of your outstanding balances from your members, with the additional feature of showing your top ten members who have the highest amount owed on their accounts for ultimate convenience for proper management of member’s accounts.
Report: Accounts Receivable
Another element of your new reports is the account receivables. You can see any transactions with members that have not yet been settled, so you will have absolutely no trouble keeping track of any outstanding issues or hold-ups with transactions and payments with members. Read more here on the importance of properly managing your accounts receivable on Xero’s Small Business Guide.
Report: Refunds
The refunds feature incorporated in our new reports allows you to access any information regarding refunds. This includes the members involved, the relevant transaction, the date of the refund, and the amount refunded so you can efficiently manage refunding members purchases with ease in one comprehensive view.
With clean, simple, and comprehensive member management services and customized, all-inclusive reports on financing, Findjoo can provide highly practical functionality for easy navigation of your data, members, and other services. Users of Findjoo have noted the quality of our reporting services specifically in reviews, commenting on the fantastic customizability of reporting and how beneficial this reporting in getting a better understanding of companies’ members. You can read some of the great reviews we have received for these services and more on our homepage.