Profile Notes and Notes Management

By Adam Scott Posted January 27, 2019
Adam Scott
Our system allows you to manage all the information about your clients, create distribution lists on your client’s and organization members, adding any additional data you need which is easily accessible from one place.
You have an option to track and manage profiles of your every member, categorize and easily find them through the advanced research tools. Whenever you’re looking up a member’s profile you have access to all the information you filled in, including our new feature - the profile notes which can contain any information you find necessary.
You can add any additional information to your customer record to personalize your email marketing campaigns or track the sources of your clientele base. If you want to make it even more detailed, you can add the notes to your deals, customers or transactions right from your profile.
Profile Notes and Notes Management
The notes management works extremely simple. You just add your own notes to any profile. It will be numerically labeled using the current date. All the notes you add are available to you in the Notes section directly from your profile. This way you can view more information on a client, deal, transaction, etc., in a single glance.
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74% business are happy that CRM softwares have increased their access to customer data .
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